Atentado en Estambul, Turquia.

Informa CNN:

A series of bombings on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast and in the commercial center of Istanbul has left 27 people wounded, including 10 British tourists, Turkish and British officials report.

At least three explosions left 21 people wounded in Marmaris on the southwest coast of Turkey, CNN Turk reported. And six people were wounded in Istanbul, three of them seriously, the network reported, citing local authorities and witnesses.

Un lecto de Turquia de Little Green Footballs afirma que murieron al menos 4 personas y fueron 5 explosiones las que se escucharon:

I live in Turkey, and I have access to some news – someone who lives in the vicinity claims that there were 5 different blasts, not 4. Four people are dead, 1 of them a British woman. However, some news agencies are saying that there were 3 blasts, and they occurred with 45 minutes in between. 21 are hurt, 10 Britons and 11 Turks. The names of the Britons, according to this news source, are ”Alex Bedford, Master Louis and Suzanne Becford, Janet Hughes, Kevin and Jenifer Smith, Master Adam Pond, Katherin Urry, Mart Stringer, Dorothy Huger”.

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  1. ¿Donde están las manifestacions de los progres contra la guerra, contra la guerra que el fascismo islámico nos ha declarado a los países democráticos?.

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