Mas sobre la demagogia

Justo el otro dia hablaba sobre la demagogia de la izquierda que ve con buenos ojos la Cumbre de Annapolis.

Hoy Martin Sherman escribe en YNet sobre la demagogia de Amos Oz en Defeating the demagogues:

It is an article so delusional and detached from reality that one cannot help wondering whether Oz’s literary successes have left him unable to differentiate fact from fiction. It gives the impression that the distinguished author has not quite made the transition from the imaginary world of the novel to that of everyday reality. He appears blissfully impervious to fact that while in the former, a stroke of pen and the whim of the writer are sufficient to conjure up personalities, invent processes, create events and determine outcomes, in the latter matters are considerably less malleable to wishful thinking. In the real world of politics – as opposed to the imaginary one in literature – dangers must be confronted, not written out of the plot.Moreover, less than a week before the publication of Oz’s article, the allegedly “moderate” head of the PA negotiating team, Saeb Erekat, categorically and publicly refused to recognize the Jews’ right to a sovereign state, declaring: “The Palestinians won’t accept Israel as a Jewish state.” Clearly then, even if the Palestinian have accepted the principle of a two state solution, as Oz alleges, they certainly do not see it as a principle involving “two states for two people”. So is Oz woefully misinformed…or willfully misleading?

Thus when Oz declares that the Palestinians “accept the principle of the two-state solution”, one can but wonder on what he bases his extraordinary optimism, for this is an assertion that flies in the face of the facts. A total of 90 percent of the Palestinian electorate voted for factions (Hamas – 56%, and Fatah – 34%) – which explicitly advocate the destruction of the “Zionist entity (see Hamas Charter and Fatah Constitution). Indeed if anything the Fatah is even more emphatic in this regard, declaring its aim to be “complete … eradication of Zionist economic, political, military and cultural existence (Article 12 of its Constitution).

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