¿Y J-Street?

En este blog escuchamos varias veces hablar de J-Street. Incluso uno de sus miembros comenta habitualmente en alguno que otro post. Pero, ¿quienes son estos muchachos? Para quienes deseen saberlo, este excelente articulo del Jerusalem Post lo deja claro: “J-Street Unmasked”

Aqui dejo algunos parrafos que ilustran a la perfeccion a esta organizacion, y su falta de criterio y objetividad:

“For its part, J-Street condemned Israel for its Gaza offensive against Hamas, describing it as “a disproportionate response.” It refused to identify “who was right and who was wrong” proclaiming that “we recognize that neither Israelis nor Palestinians have a monopoly of right and wrong.” It not only refused to condemn the Goldstone Report, but facilitated meetings between members of Congress and Judge Goldstone. It even resurrected the anti-Semitic charge of dual loyalties, warning Jews that by “one sided support of Israel,” they “risked alienating the American public and would be condemned for displaying greater loyalties towards Israel than the US.” It repeatedly slandered AIPAC depicting it as an extremist right-wing body ignoring the fact that it had backed the policies of all Israeli governments, including dovish administrations preceding Netanyahu.”

“More recently, J-Street called on its supporters to bombard the IRS with complaints that contributions promoting social welfare causes over the green line, including the major settlement blocs and Jerusalem, represented a breach of US law and should be investigated.
There are left wing groups like Meretz and Peace Now who oppose Israeli settlement policies with no less vigor than J-Street. But what primarily differentiate them from J-Street are not its views but its actions. J-Street insists that it knows better than Israelis what is good for them, and employs the obscene analogy of parents required to impose “tough love” on drug addicted children, to justify lobbying the Obama Administration to force Israel to make unilateral concessions to the Palestinians which undermine its security. It also funds Congressional candidates with track records of hostility to Israel policies. It is surely classic Orwellian double-talk for an organization which lobbies foreign legislators to oppose Israel policies, to define itself as “pro-Israel.””

Y este es particularmente clarito:

“To top it off, J-Street was also exposed for having received donations and support from Arab and pro-Arab individuals and organizations.The donors include Genevieve Lynch a former participant of the US Iranian National Council who also serves on the J-Street finance committee; Judith Barnett a former registered agent for Saudi Arabia who also serves on the J-Street Advisory Council; and Nancy Dutton a former attorney for the Saudi Arabian embassy who donates to J-Street’s political action committee which finances anti-Israeli congressional candidates.”

El articulo entero no tiene desperdicio, sobre esta organizacion que recibe fondos de gente muy pro-israeli y amantes de los derechos humanos. Y que por supuesto, su unico objetivo es la paz.

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