¿Y la razon?

Otra vez:

Terror attack in Tel Aviv: One dead, 17 injured – first Nakba Day victims
DEBKAfile Special Report May 14, 2011, 11:24 PM (GMT+02:00)

Israeli troops on tense Lebanese border

Aviv Morag, 29, from Caesaria was killed shortly before his marriage and 17 injured – two in serious condition – after being run down by an Israeli Arab, 22, from Kafr Qassem in Tel Aviv, Sunday, May 15. The killer’s truck swerved left and right along 2 kilometers of busy road  aiming at vehicles and pedestrians – from the Mesubim junction to Bar-Lev Street in Hatikva Quarter. After knocking over a traffic light, the driver jumped out and shouting Allah Akhbar! used the pieces to beat passers-by who eventually overpowered him.
The police arrived later. When apprehended the driver claimed he lost control of his truck after his front wheel punctured. But eye witnesses described him as deliberately ramming 13 vehicles as well as striking pedestrians.
A second Israeli Arab driver from Arara detained as his suspected accomplice claimed he was not involved in the incident. Police cordoned off the area to traffic.
In Ramallah, 20,000 Palestinians rallied in the main square opposite the tomb of  Yasser Arafat under the slogan: “The people want to go back to Palestine.”
Israeli troops fired in the air when Palestinians from Gaza forced their way toward the Erez crossing. Casualties reported.
Lebanese pro-Palestinian demonstrators mustered by Hizballah at Maroun a-Ras were stopped from crossing the border into Israel Sunday by the Lebanese army. Israeli troops are on high border alert.

Una vez mas le dan la espalda a la razon y eligen el asesinato. Como siempre.

Nuestro apoyo a las victimas.

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