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No hay mas que agregar, se estan dando los ultimos pasos que son a la vez el ultimatum in situ para Iran:

“US Navy, Air Force, ground, intelligence and special forces units based at home, in Europe and the Middle East, took part this week in a special exercise ordered by President Barack Obama to simulate reactions to a potential US-Israel strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, DEBKAfile’s exclusive military and Washington sources report.

Sunday, April 22, the US also transferred a number of advanced stealth F-22 fighter bombers, believed to be from the 302nd Fighter Squadron 302, from the joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Alaska to the Al Dhafra Air Base in the United Arab Emirates.
According to our sources, the F-22 jets will join the F-15s of the Massachusetts Air National Guard’s 104th Fighter Wing which were transferred to the Al Udeid base a month ago.

Their mission will be to destroy the Iranian air force and air defense batteries so as to clear the way for US and Israeli bombers to go into action against Iran’s nuclear sites and the strategic infrastructure of its army and Revolutionary Guards Corps…

…three conclusions:
1.  Iran’s response to a military strike will be “measured,” both to limit the damage to the regime and to conserve military resources for a possible follow-up attack;

2.  The Iranians will go back to work on building a nuclear weapon within a short time;

3.  The destruction of core elements of its nuclear program is expected to change Iran’s attitude in negotiations, making it less cocky and more submissive to international demands.”

Una respuesta

  1. El ataque tiene que ser todo o nada… no simplemente para “obligar a Irán a sentarse a negociar como las potencias quieren”. Hay que DESMANTELAR su programa nuclear, dañar o eliminar su capacidad militar y, si es posible, derrocar al régimen. Estoy convencido que Israel no se arriesgaría a semejante guerra regional si no fuera para asegurarse que los iraníes no representarán nunca más una amenaza a su seguridad.

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