The Telegraph nos cuenta que:

Police in Gaza have arrested at least 41 men on charges of immodesty this April, writes Phoebe Greenwood. And now the city is gripped with fear that Hamas is driving the population towards militant Islamic fundamentalism.

Pero obviamente la culpa es…de Israel:

A population already battered by devastating bouts of conflict with Israel and a six-year blockade will be squeezed even further.


Al menos uno de los arabes palestinos se sincera: 

“Hamas is getting stricter and stricter,” he says. “We are already under so much pressure, there are troubles with Israel, troubles with factions, troubles with the economy, and now it’s our jeans and our hairstyles? For me, for anyone, this is too much.”

Espero que eventualmente descubran quién es su verdadero enemigo: sus líderes y ellos mismos en la medida que los apoyen a ellos, y por tanto su autodestrucción.

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